I asked for honest reviews of my brand via social media. Over 100 emails were sent in during a one hour period! Below you will find randomly chosen reviews. I may add more reviews in time, but I hope that the opinions below help you.

"Kimmie's production time is the only thing you will find to complain about. She has so many orders and is raising four children so the wait time is longer than I would like but it makes it so much more exciting when the Hello Moccs box arrives! I have ordered 10 pairs of Hello Moccs now and they are far better quality than even the bigger name moccasins. You can see the love in every pair. I will never buy from anyone else!"

Ashley R.


"These moccs are so beautiful and high quality. We can't wait to size up and get another pair!"

Jen C.


"I love Hello Moccs, they actually stay on adventurous little feet which is this moms struggle! Hello Moccs leather far out stands others for a walking toddler. My little girl can walk everywhere and I don't have to worry about her them falling apart or getting holes. A an added bonus these moccs are hand made in the USA! Love them and love this brand and love the shop owner."

Monique R.


"I own about 12 pairs. My kids play hard in them, even the beach! They are such great quality that I can just wipe them clean with a damp cloth... I do this A LOT as my kiddos (now 2 & 4) have been wearing them from size 4 to size 7! They still look great! But, the best part is the customer service! Kimmie really cares about her customers and wants to make them happy. I had one issue (not her fault) and she immediately sent me a new pair of my choosing. I wish I could buy all the colors simply to support such a great shop owner! Excellence all around!"

Oakley G.


"I was a loyal customer to a popular brand of moccasins until I found Hello Moccs. Something about every single detail on every single moccasin made by the hands of another mother was too inspiring for me not to order a pair. If nothing else, perhaps to buy her a latte or contribute to one of her children's extra-curricular activities. I snagged two pairs as she was offering an incredible deal (which she often does) and was anxious to receive them. There is a slight delay in shipping time (think: a mother raising four children and raising up a life, making every single pair by her own tired hands), but oh, was it worth the wait. The moccs are buttery soft, the colors brilliant, and the quality nothing less than exceptional. I have since ordered several more pairs and can proudly say that Hello Moccs is now our favorite brand. I love the idea of supporting a mom (family), knowing each sweet moccasin was labored love and passion."

Jessi P


"Lilly has worn nothing but moccs from the day she was born. We have owned 20+ pairs over the past 19 months, and none compare to the quality, fit, and style of our Hello Moccs. I appreciate more than anything knowing the face behind the business is a woman (in the US!) working hard for her family, like me! Thank you, Kimmie!!"

Ashley L.


"My son has 2 pairs of Hello Moccs, the quality is the best of the 3 brands I've bought him so far, I love that one mocc says "Hello" on the bottom and the way that each pair is packaged! They really are easy to put on and take off and my son seems comfortable in them. One of the things I love most about these moccs is knowing that I'm giving my business to a fellow hard working mommy! My family is on a budget so I really appreciate the flash sales! I can't wait to buy more Hello Moccs when my daughter arrives!"

Mia L.


"Absolutely love my daughters. Very great quality moccasins. Also are a comfortable fit for my little one. She loves wearing them and are her favorite shoe right now. Also would like to say that Kimmie was very very helpful in the process of finding out the right size. Nonetheless great customer service. Can't say enough good things about them. We love them!! Highly recommend them."

Arisbeth H.


"I ordered my son's first pair of moccasins ever in May 2015 and I chose Hello Moccs. I am so happy that I did! Kimmie's talent exceeded my expectations. Her moccs are beautifully made and perfect. My son tends to kick things off his feet except when he has his moccs on. Customer service is excellent as well as packaging. My baby just received his third pair of moccs and I can't wait to add to his collection!"

Aisha B.

New York

"Can you say, 'flash sale'?! There is no way to find a better quality pair of moccasins for the price; especially when you order during one of her flash sales. Follow her on Instagram if you want the best price possible. We have 5 pairs and it wouldn't be possible without her awesome prices!"

Carrie H.


"Hello Moccs are the best moccs ever."

Kimmie E.